Zachary Telner,  41 years old,  graphic designer and DTP specialist
Suffered from  constant migraines, severe chronic sinusitis, insomnia, chronic left shoulder pain and limited mobility, and severe allergy  

I turned to Dr. Arkady Kotlyar seeking relief from constant migraines, severe chronic genyantritis and sleep problems. In addition to those problems I asked for a help with my left shoulder, which was damaged about thirty years ago and, despite all physiotherapy, prevented me from full use of my arm, and a severe allergies, especially to a medical adhesive bandages (every use of a bandage left me with boils, consistent with second degree burns) and silver jewelry.
After the treatment course I forgot what migraine and insomnia are, I can freely breathe through my nose, I have full use of my left arm and no signs of any allergic reactions.
Donít know if I can thank doctor Arkady enough. Iím forever indebted to you.

Joseph Zlotnik, 63 years old, biologist

Suffered from severe arthritis in both knees

About 7 months ago I presented with severe arthritis in both knees making walking extremely painful and slow. In fact I felt sure that I was going to be crippled.

I first of all went to an orthopaedic specialist. He performed an X-ray of the knees and observed that I had changes due to osteoarthritis. His statement was that he did not have very much to offer me and that 6-10 years down the track they might perform a total bilateral knee replacement. But in the meantime I should go on a course of Anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers.

They did absolutely nothing to assist me and infact severely affected my gastrointestinal tract and my mood.

Then I remembered that I had used the services of an acupuncturist after experiencing a herniated disc in my lumbar spine with dramatically positive results. This was about 23 years ago. Since then it has only bothered me slightly on a few occasions but is really not a very large problem.

I searched for an acupuncturist in the Tel Aviv area finally meeting up with an old friend Dr. Arkady Kotlyar.

I started off with two sessions a week for about 3 weeks gradually reducing to once a week for 5 additional weeks and then fortnightly for 2 more sessions as the pain reduced and I was able to throw away my stick. After about 3 month the condition continued to improve and I am almost entirely free from the condition. This has been so now for about 4 months.

The improvement I have felt has been dramatic and I can only put this down to the care and attention that Dr. Arkady takes in his craft.

I have nothing but praise for what he has done for me and highly recommend his treatment of my condition.

Joseph Zlotnik

Lev Wainshtein, 41 years old, businessman
Suffered from a severe headache

I have very sensitive eyes. If the light is too bright I end with a terrible headache. If in addition to that the day is hot than no painkillers help. I know that for a fact, as I have tried them all during the past 30 years or so. In my case conventional medicine is helpless.

Once, at an exceptionally hot and bright day, returning home after work with a terrible headache, I met my neighbor Dr. Arkady Kotlyar. He asked me how do I feel and a couple of minutes later he knocked at my apartment door. He made me sit on the sofa, asked a few more questions, and soon enough stuck a couple of needles in my hands and legs. To my surprise (and great relief) the headache was almost completely gone in about 20 minutes. Two hours later there was no trace of it what so ever, and it didnít come back for three weeks or so!

Dr. Arkady has also healed my older daughter, who returned from a class trip with a sore throat. He pasted a tiny gold star to her thumb with a piece of plaster and a couple of hours later she was able to talk almost as usual. Thank you Dr. Kotlyar!

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Atsushi Futatsuya, 24 years old, tourist from Japan
Suffered from a severe  attack of  asthmatic  bronchitis 


Chaya Huberman, 63 years old, teacher (retired)
Suffered from  lower back pain (with irradiation to the feet) as a result of herniated disc

Following lumbar disc prolapse in August 2009, I went to an orthopedist, who recommended that I should receive treatment at the Pain Clinic of the Kaplan Medical Center. There, I received acupuncture treatment from Dr. Arkady Kotlyar combined with physiotherapy by another professional. Perhaps the combination of the two types of treatment along with daily exercise helped. I would like to note that Dr. Arkady handled the problem very professionally, in a gentle and pleasant manner. He explained every stage of his work, which gave me a sense of security and calmness. This was very important for the success of the treatment. Today, after ten acupuncture treatments, my condition has definitely improved, and I would like to thank Dr. Arkady.

I wish you a lot of strength to continue to help those who suffer.

Thank you,

Chaya Huberman

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