Unfortunately, it is impossible to show a vast majority of the results of my work. For instance, there is no way to demonstrate a sufficient improvement in the health well being of my patients. Nevertheless, I'm proud to share below some of the visible results of my practice.

The Result of A Single-1h Session of I-Ching Balance Acupuncture (ICBI) Used for Treatment of Urticaria in a 5-y.o. Male.  Jan 23.01.2022

                        Before                                      Immediately Post and Next Day  

Treatment of chronic spasticity and stuttering due to cerebral palsy, as a result of postpartum injury

Prior the beginning of treatment and post 15th and 38th session


Treatment of chronic, DVT-caused and non-healing for 3 years trophic wound


Treatment of lower back pain (LBP)

Before the treatment

Immediately after the treatment

Treatment of a wheelchair-bound for 7 months, after L1 vertebra fracture

Post 1st ICBA 1h-session, 30.11.16

Post 5th ICBA 1h-session, 11.12.16


Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis


Treatment of Tendinitis of right pinky

Treatment of Bell's Palsy caused mouth deviation, due to CVA

Treatment of acute Furunculosis

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